Which pastel hair is right for YOU?

Which pastel hair is right for YOU?

Pastel hair is here to stay whether you love it or hate it – if you’ve been wanting to dye your hair pastel but just don’t know which colour will compliment and work with your skin tone then this is the article for you! Before we start, there’s one thing I cannot stress more is that: be careful which pictures you find on the internet, most of the time it will have been photoshopped or is a wig.  If you know what you’re looking for then you’ll know if it’s been photoshopped or is a wig however most of the time you’d never know unless you have pastel hair (as was the case with me). That isn’t to say whatever pastel colour you want to attain cannot be made into reality, it certainly can – you have to take into account your hair texture, how damaged your hair is and how much maintenance you’re willing (or not willing) to undergo to keep your pastel hair looking fresh!

Note: please use this as a guide, each hair dye will react to each individual’s hair differently – some more effective than others.

Now I know alot of girls (but in particularly I’ve noticed from a few of my Facebook comments and feedback on posts) that darker skinned babes think they can’t achieve pastel hair or that not every colour will suit their skin tone – I say wrong, only in the sense that anything is possible. If you’re worried that your hair texture can’t handle the stress or that your local hairdresser will do too much damage, do some research yourself online or even ask other pastel haired girls from the internet which salons’ they recommend.

It certainly is achievable and below you can see just a range of different pastel colours every single person no matter race, skin colour or hair texture can achieve:

coral peach pastel hair
pink pastel hair
pastel purple hair
blue turquoise pastel hair

I didn’t want to write an article telling you what colour suits your skin tone or you should do rather I wanted to share with you just some amazing babes who have pastel hair, to share with you that really the world is your oyster and you can have whatever hair colour you want. Get creative, change it up or if you’re like me stay with your signature look. Be happy, be magical xx

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