Why you should dress around your hair colour

Why you should dress around your hair colour
Photography by Kristina Yenko
emi unicorn collageemiunicorn fishtail purple pastel hair

While some may look at my style now and see a variety of florals, laces, pinks, prints and textures that IMHO successfully compliments my lavender hair, it might be interesting to know that when I had my “normal” natural hair colour I would wear black day in and day out. Sure I would experiment with textures, shapes, cuts and layers but it would always be black on black with black and black.  How is it that when I made the decision to dye my hair and eventually go my now signature lavender hair colour that it would completely transform my wardrobe and sartorial choices?

On one hand this makes total sense and to paraphrase myself (you can read the full version here) before when I had my natural hair colour I was never confident with who I am (which ultimately was my turning point) when I did something I’ve been wanting to do for years (to dye my hair lavender) this immediately changed my perspective and self-esteem. Something as simple as dying my hair, made me feel more confident, have more self-esteem and in turn accept myself as a beautiful person. Because I broke my insecurities by ironically changing my hair colour and in turn forcing attention on myself [what I mean by this is, when you have pastel coloured hair, you automatically turn into a magnet for compliments from random strangers or sometimes unwanted attention].

Not only was there a clear adjustment mentally for myself – that is, being aware that strangers, children and lovely elderly folk will come up to you and compliment your hair [or just think you’re plain loopy] – there has also been a dramatic change in what colours, prints, cuts and textures I would now wear because of my hair.  My wardrobe now is significantly determined by what will match and compliment my hair.  I usually look for complimenting colours, textures, shapes and details which in turn has now become some of my signature aesthetic.

 Even if you don’t have pastel hair, you can still shop and dress around your hair colour: 

  1. Look for complimenting colours:  for me, that’s pastel pinks which works well with my hair
  2. Colour block:  include your hair when you colour block for a full body ultimate statement look.
  3. It’s all in the details:  if you just recently dyed your hair a different colour or a vibrant pastel shade and you aren’t used to how bright you are (or that you now will be the centre of attention), ease into wearing colours or daring prints till you become accustomed with what will work with your new shade. Focus on the details by adding jewellery, hair accessories, on point shoes or a statement bag.
  4. Dress from your hair downwards:  I usually go by hairstyle (hair up, curled, braided or down) then decide what outfit I’ll wear and in turn what accessories and shoes.
  5. Have fun with fashion:  try a style or trend that you’ve been eyeing – braid, plait, fishtail your hair, wear heels or flats, throw glitter in your hair!

Be a statement unicorn and shine x