Product review: Organic facial masque

Product review: Organic facial masque

This is my first ever beauty review and I am glad I was sent this to review as it is truly spectacular.

PRODUCT: Grown Organic Alchemist: Wheatgerm, Gingko & Cranberry Facial Masque

As the masque is made from natural white clay as it’s base, the texture of the masque is like…well watery clay. My facial cleansing regime to be honest usually consists of washing my face with plain ol’ tap water yes, just by itself or Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2 in 1 cleanser/mask or one of my mum’s Shiseido products.

As I’m typing this on the family’s communal iPad, I have the masque on my face and this is my second use of the organic masque; it is fantastic! Never have I felt my skin become so smooth and soft after using Grown organic alchemist facial masque not to mention the pleasant smell of the masque! Usually when I cleanse my face with other products in the past (I’m looking at you Neutrogena) the result is my face is tighter yet noticeably drier and making it very uncomfortable.

DSC_0493 DSC_0492

What makes GROWN organic alchemist Wheatgerm, Gingko & Cranberry Facial Masque so spectacular is it’s ability to cleanse and purify with a range of bio active ingredients which help to “improve firmness and replenish lost nutrients, helping the skins repair mechanisms to function optimally.” while importantly leaves the skin feeling smoothed, lifted, toned and ready for moisturizing. Now get ready for what amazing ingredients are inside this little tube of masque: primarily comprised of fine white clay as it’s main base which helps to draw out deep impurities and dead skin cells, powerful antioxidants Gamma-tocotrienols and Asta-Xanin from Cranberry Seed which protects against oxidative stress, preserving the dermal layer and Collagen network, Gingko & Centella which are rich in Bioflavonoids helps purify the skin and protect against premature aging. Sea Buckthorn Berry oil, kelp, beeswax, rose oil, sweet almond oil, kelp powder and Wheatgerm make up the rest of the masque.


Phew! So there’s a whole lotta goodness in this petite 65ml tube. I was so impressed by the masque that I went to David Jones to try sme other GROWN organic alchemist products and have also fallen in love with the facial moisturizer which will be on my wish list. As a parting words, if you still don’t believe what I’ve said about the masque, then do try it yourself: it will blow your mind! Don’t forget that GROWN organic alchemist is made in Australia, is certified organic and does not test on animals.

No joke when I say this, I have officially been converted to using GROWN products for life. I recently received a $50 DJs gift card so guess I’ll be buying the facial masque haha

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