MBFWA 2012: Gail Sorronda SS 12/13

MBFWA 2012: Gail Sorronda SS 12/13

Next right after Lisa Maree, it was time to rush to the next show at Gail Sorronda SS12/13 called Oh my Goth! Presented as an art installation, this enabled photographers, international media and delegates to really get up close and personal in viewing the collection. Gail Sorronda, usually synonomous for her monochromatic collections broke free from her usual comfort zone, chose instead to utilise colour through her collection. Best described as romantic goth meets quirky circus, Oh My Goth explores the whimsical nature of fashion through colour and design while billowing sihoulettes successfully retains Sorronda’s girly aesthetic. I really enjoyed this collection, though personally wouldn’t wear the bright pieces I can admire its quirkiness and the fun nature it brings to fashion.


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