Black magic

Black magic

Just some really rad images that have been inspiring me. Perhaps its because Halloween is nearing (its tomorrow!!) or what Wiccan’s call Samhain (or the Witches’ New Year) and it means I’ll be dressing up my altar and honoring the dead, these images are really resonating how I’m feeling and inspired by. I might even do a blog post on how I spent my Samhain since many of you have been asking me. (Just as a FYI) Yes I am a fashion blogger but also a proud Wiccan for those who just stumbled upon my blog.
Blessed be x

Also be sure to check out my newly created Tumblr account – Little Black Book of Shadows: filled with fashion inspirations, street style with a sinister, dark spin – everything from how I’m feeling, tattoo inspirations to just fucking sick images.

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