Perfect gifts for the modern witch

Perfect gifts for the modern witch
Photography by Tumblr

In this busy modern day hustle and bustle, I find it extremely hard to be a good modern witch. No I don’t mean not being an evil witch rather finding the time to practise The Craft, whether it’s through meditation, casting a circle, cleaning my altar or celebrating a Sabbat (which in my younger years I would celebrate religiously with my fellow sister witch Willow). The plus side to modern witchcraft and practising Wiccans is the easy accessibility to knowledge, witchy tools and supplies thanks to the internet. I’ve rounded up my favourite witchy products for those looking for a new addition or simply wanted to dip their toes into The Craft, hope you enjoy:

Crystal Cactus necklace butterflyCrystal Cactus
Created by the magical and mystical Audrey Kitching, Crystal Cactus is IMO a great store to dip your feet into new age spirituality. Stocked with handmade smudge sticks, crystal jewellery and raw crystals, books and magic potions and lotions, Crystal Cactus is a shop filled with good vibes and great products.

The Wild Unknown TarotThe Wild Unknown Tarot Deck
If you’re looking for a Tarot Deck, you can’t go past The Wild Unknown tarot deck. Without a doubt one of the most popular new age/indie decks taking the internet by storm and with a cult following. Known for it’s watercolour illustrations that have moved beyond just tarot readings moving to tattoos and artworks, I strongly urge you to give this deck a try.
I first bought the Wild Unknown Tarot deck and guidebook a few years ago because I was enthralled with the beautiful illustrations – it was such a natural and spiritually awakening tarot set that I’ve never seen before. With the guidebook it become extremely easy to use and read and it’s one of those things I always pack in my bag for any girlie sleepovers!

Mystic Unicorn Candles crystal magic witchMystic Unicorn Candles
Okay so shameless promotion – I created Mystic Unicorn Candles because I found there was a gap the candle market, I wanted found the mass production of candle scents and brands slowly was becoming the same fragrances and containers all with different labels. I found I wanted something more from my candles – since candles are used by witches and muggles alike, I wanted to make a magical candle line and make it accessible to everyone. Thus Mystic Unicorn Candles was born – all handmade by yours truly, using 100% soy wax, certified organic ingredients, crystals and some witchy magic. Mystic Unicorn Candles are stocked exclusively in my own store Unicorn Manor. You can learn more here.

Crystal Bar SoapCrystal Bar Soap
Handcrafted soap that not only look like a crystal, they have an embedded crystal inside? Canadian label Crystal Bar uses earth crystals to reenergize your spirit and remove negative energy every time you wash. Not only is it a beautiful product, it’s a brilliant idea – I can’t wait to try one of these out!

Prescott Manor Book of Shadows CharmedPrescott Manor
If you’re a Charmed fan like I am, then Prescott Manor will be the death of you. Unofficial handmade replicas from the Charmed set including the much loved Book of Shadows starts at £600 however is constructed with Italian leather, hand painted pages and all created by hand. If you don’t want to spend so much on your own Charmed BOS, you can buy the paperback A5 version for £79.99. Other key pieces is the Witch Detection Talisman and Charmed Wooden Ouija Board.

Free People crystal boxFree People
When you think of Free People you usually think of bohemian fashion, that wild child free spirit type of gal. They usually also have beautiful homewares and witchy apothecary and this beautiful crystal encrusted box is no exception. Although priced in the thousands, I would love to attempt at doing a DIY on this and see if it can be replicated.

Let me know if you’ve found some witchy stockists or recently have bought some magical goods in the comments below.