Pain is Beauty, Chelsea Wolfe

Pain is Beauty, Chelsea Wolfe

beauty is pain chelsea wolfe

Without a doubt one of my favourite artists of all time, I caught up with my girl Chelsea Wolfe in the lead up to the release of her third studio album Beauty is Pain.  If you need a refresher or want to hear how she’s evolved read my last interview with her on her album


Hope you enjoy!

LBB: Hey Chelsea, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing you live late last year in Sydney – hearing you live was truly mesmerising! You’ve been touring right around the globe since then, what has been your most memorable gig?
Wolfe: We played a festival show in Tokyo late last year with Boris and Sunn O))) and that show had such a great energy, and the sound was great and the people were beautiful so looking back I think that one sticks out the most.


I actually preordered your new album ‘Pain is Beauty’ and had the pleasure of enjoying ‘We Hit a Wall’ and ‘The Warden’ – both tracks are touch back to Apokalypsis sounds that die hard CW fans will revel in. Can you tell me a bit about these two tracks and what they mean to you?
The Warden was one of the first electronic songs that my bandmate Ben and I wrote together a while back and I never imagined at the time that it would make it onto an album, but eventually we started playing electronic stuff live, of course mixed with guitars and live drums etc as well, and realized that it was actually really fun so when I was thinking of putting a new album together I knew I wanted there to be some of those electronic songs on there. The Warden has a contrast of being really light in sound but heavy in subject matter.. it’s about tormented love and being strong for the one you love in the face of extreme hardship.


The new album is titled ‘Pain is Beauty’ – it alludes to explorations of love, beauty and pain in an intertwining relationship am I correct in saying this? What was your main inspiration for the new album?
The reflection of nature in humanity, ancestry, healing. The intensity of nature and life and love and loss. Pain is Beauty for me is at times about a healing process and gaining strength from overcoming pain.

Do you have a particular track that holds the most significance and why? 
No, they live together together for a reason.

Who inspires you musically and just in the everyday? 
I really love movies and gain a lot of inspiration from them. There are a few filmmakers who can really create magic that inspire me constantly – Werner Herzog, John Waters, Lars von Trier.

What’s been songs that you’ve been listening to in your playlist?
The new Wardruna album is really beautiful. I have been listening to a lot of Johnny Cash lately, Folsom Prison Blues, 25 Minutes To Go.

Red velvet cupcakes or macarons?
I have a sweet tooth for macarons.

What is your favourite thing to do in your down time?
Chop wood, swim, read, spend time with family.

Finally any comments for your Aussie fans? Will you be touring back Down Under soon?
No current plans but of course I’d like to come back. All someone has to do is ask. I hope you’re all well down there!


You can currently enjoy listening to her new album Beauty is Pain thanks to Pitchfork till the end of the week so head over there and listen to your hearts content – then buy the album here.


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