Elliot Ward-Fear is GOD

Elliot Ward-Fear is GOD
Photography by Elliot Ward

If you don’t already know about Elliot Ward-Fear then please read this to discover his debut collection earlier in the year at RAFW 2010. (For my international readers, yes Elliot Ward-Fear is an Aussie and you can check out his website here for a recap/overview)

What can I say, this man is a genius! Utterly delicious clear spikes and tower high wedges are his signature characteristic compliment bespoke tailoring, deconstruction and artist practise with designs which capture the spirit of his vision and his quirky nature. Elliot Ward-Fear is a fusion of fierce creativity and the avant garde and is without a doubt making his way into the future.

The time is now to start watching if you haven’t already. Elliot Ward-Fear is a genius and what would it be like to enter his studio, that is something I would love to do. Till then I’ll admire his work and send my love to him through my posts xx

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