Zipporra: Earth & Water SS11/12

Zipporra: Earth & Water SS11/12

I got sent the new Zipporra campaign, given strict instructions not to release it till I got the go ahead and now I can finally show you how stunning this whole campaign really is!
Shot by Trevene Patrick from Death in Berlin, starring stunning Aussie model Lola Van Vorst and shot on iconic Bondi Beach, the location alludes to the title of the campaign Earth and Water. A collection comprised of cute summer dresses, tops and skirts utilising lush silks and chiffon – nothing says surf, sun, Sydney lifestyle and summer than Earth and Water SS11/12.

Congratulations Karen on the successful of the collection (I know it’ll be flying off the shelves) as well as the launch of the new online website. Stunning photographs, stunning model and stunninglt beautiful campaign!

1 water cover art
9 water
5 water
4 water
6 earth

6 water
3 earth
2 water
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