Gail Sorronda: Stem the Flow

Gail Sorronda: Stem the Flow

Gail Sorronda – STEM THE FLOW Ethereal, dark, brooding, magical


I absolutely adore this structured jacket! I would love this in my wardrobe! So divine and swoon worthy!


One of my favourite dresses (above) from this collection, the contrast between the tight bodice detailing and the use of tulle creating a ballerina like skirt makes the wearer into a princess. I would wear this for my wedding without a blink of an eye. So beautiful!

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Stem the Flow is a return to Gail Sorronda’s dark romanticism whilst maintaining an emphasis on silhouette and contrasting textures within a monochromatic palette. It features voluminous dresses with organic spherical lines and pleating. Tailored jackets and shirts drip from the body and pleated culottes and butterfly sleeves further emphasise liquidity and flow. This collection is a monochromatics wet dream and for me, a hard choice where do I choose the Gail Soronda piece in black or white?

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This is another favourite of mine, the tight structured bodice with panel detailing with the flattering a line skirt compliments the female form and look just so sexy!


Another favourite look, everything shown in the right hand picture. Different layering and lengths, runching detailing with loose sleeves. Best of both worlds.


The knitwear component produced in Italy best displays Gail Sorronda’s focus on the bulbous silhouette, inspired by the space between the body and the garment. Gail Sorronda is known for their statement headpieces, and this season it’s a crownless, wide-brim hat featuring multiple layers of tulle cut in circles; a symbolic reference to a stone dropped in a body of water.

Congratulations Gail on a beautiful and cohesive collection, I am absolutely in love and cannot wait to see these in person and get my paws on a few pieces!

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