Thierry Mugler Fall RTW Womenswear 2011 Feat. Lady Gaga

Thierry Mugler Fall RTW Womenswear 2011 Feat. Lady Gaga

THE show to attend last night for Paris Fashion Week was the Thierry Mugler Fall 2011 Ready To Wear Womenswear collection where Lady Gaga walked the runway alongside models (including a male model, from her Born This Way music video clip).  The Mugler brand has been revived by Lady Gaga’s stylist, Nicola Formichetti one of the most in demand men in fashion today.

The collection placed focus on the female sihoulette and form where texture and colour such as fur, sheer, latex, prints and cut outs created a modern take on the Mugler brands’ design aesthetic.  PVC and rubber, see-through bustiers and micro-skirts, fur in shades of black, powder-pink and cobalt teamed with killer Gaga-esque wedges comprised the collection.

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I think it was a fantastic promotional concept to ask Lady Gaga to debut her new yet to be released song Government Hooker from her highly anticipated new album Born This Way at the runway show as well as for the Lady herself to model a couple looks in the show.

Not only did she bring a huge crowd and hype to the show, Gaga looked amazing! I for one loved the collection – very modern, very chic yet highly wearable (not all together or you would look like Gaga but a few pieces are just stunning!)

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“I was nervous, but I had to do it for Nicola and for Thierry Mugler, whom I love. I have been a fan of his designs since I was 18, and I used to search the vintage shops in New York for his clothes.” – Lady Gaga

I particularly love the insanely beautiful cobalt blue fur collared tailored jacket, the bustier cut out dress and the leopard print pieces. What are your thoughts? Over hyped? Or very innovative and just what the Mugler needed to revamp into a modern design house?

ps- Lady Gaga’s new record Born This Way is looking to have a bunch of killer club anthem tracks. With Born This Way the song, Scheiße & now Government Hooker with sick beats, I can’t wait to get the whole album.