Wearable Sculptures – Sylvio Giardina AW 12/13

Wearable Sculptures – Sylvio Giardina AW 12/13

Completely unaware of the emerging designer fashion scene in Italy, I was recently sent this stunning lookbook shot from incredibly talented Italian designer Sylvio Giardina. I was blown away when I first glimpsed this lookbook – the immaculate and intricate design, perfectly sculpting the female sihoulette is insane! The AW12/13 collection is mainly comprised of rich fabrics of cashmere, flannel, wool jersey and organza while the use of polyethylene foam, the “leitmotiv” of the collections, is used for the “limited edition” garments to highlight contours and volumes.
Giardina’s dresses are the expression of two worlds, fashion and art, the one unequivocally dependent on the other, in which the culture of Italian haute couture merges with the futuristic suggestions of our contemporary age.

“Continuous, fluid lines tending towards infinity create a collection characterised by sinuous volumes that meet the body and envelop it…”