Lady Gaga’s party in the pARQ

Lady Gaga’s party in the pARQ

If you’ve been following me on twitter you would have read my ecstatic tweets about seeing Lady Gaga’s impromptu gig show.

Yesterday  around 1pm Lady Gaga sryptically tweeted “Thinking of going out in Sydney tonight. How I wish we had a show. NEVERMIND, don’t listen to me. Maybe i’ll just go for a walk in the pARQ” prompting #pARQ as a trending topic with many people asking, ‘Where is this pARQ?”.

If you’re a Sydneysider then you would have immediately picked up on two important key words in that tweet: NEVERMIND and perhaps slightly more cryptic pARQ which are both nightclub venues in Sydney. And the scramble was on for all the Sydney little monsters to claim a spot in the line at both clubs, by 5pm there was already a dramatic line winding down Oxford Street.

Hanging with my friend Mollie of AllAboutEdie, possibly the only two straight girls in the crowd of gays and gals at ARQ was an experience. Having waited 5 hours straight including waiting in the line and waiting at the front of the stage inside ARQ, the woman we’ve all been waiting for arrived around 1:30am wearing a rocker chic leather vest with incredible gold studding detailing on the back (shame I couldnt get a clear image on my camera), a beautiful Chanel gold choker necklace, a cap, gold embellished black leather bustier bra and matching briefs, John Lennon style sunglasses and a black veil.

Being crushed from all sides when Gaga was performing was no doubt worth it as being second from the front gave me a great view and I could literally reach out and touch Lady Gaga if I wished to. She performed Judas, Born This Way and Edge of Glory and it was fricken amazing!

I’m so glad I managed to see her, even if I can’t attend her Sydney Monsterhall show on Wednesday… enjoy the photos from the performance.

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One of my favourite photos from the night, Lady Gaga PAWS UP!!

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Definitely one of the best nights of my life!!