New York City: Street Style

New York City: Street Style

Upon flicking through my laptop, I stumbled upon some photos I snapped while I was in New York City last September during NYFW. What I love about New York is the diversity in every aspect of life – food, culture, fashion and music. You could be walking down Broadway and see a streetvendor selling “Dummies guide to rolling a joint” – AND YES I DID SEE THIS HAHA. Walk down St Marks Place and you’ll find punks, cheap sunglasses, rows of tattoo parlours, vintage stores, skakers and rockabillies (admitedly St Marks is my favourite place in Manhattan, other than Soho and Greenwich of course).
Hit Tribeca and you’ll find cheap ‘designer’ goods along Canal Street as well as cool hidden boutiques. I should probably write a novel about why I love and miss New York so much but till then enjoy some satorial goodness from the streets of New York City!

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