MBFWA 2012: Kaylene Milner

MBFWA 2012: Kaylene Milner

Kaylene Milner SS12/13 showcased in the much anticipated MBFWA The Innovators TAFE show (which quite frankly are one of my favourite shows to attend and in the past has produced Dion Lee, Romance Was Born, Michelle Jank and Emma Mulholland so expectations were high). Her debut runway collection exhibited her talent for mixing leather, fur with knits and cotton – one might think would go horribly wrong yet Milner proofs skeptics wrong and how fitting these unlikely mediums work together.

One of my favourite from the graduate shows, Milner’s label Sturm & Drang manages to tread the fine line of maintaining femininity without being girly yet still being strong without being masculine. Sturm & Drang’s debut collection brings a sense of tribal aesthetic which makes sense seeing as Milner was inspired by texture in the forest and really going back to natural aesthetics.

Wishing Kaylene a wonderful 3 months in New York City where she’ll be interning with the amazing Diane Von Furstenberg!! You’ll sure to fall in love with NYC (still wishing I could go back there asap…)

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