Emi Unicorn’s guide to gift giving: Mother’s Day

Emi Unicorn’s guide to gift giving: Mother’s Day

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Gift giving. It seems we do it every month: whether it’s a birthday, a holiday, a surprise wedding – or in this case, with Mother’s Day approaching swiftly, what do you buy for your mother? I mean what can you buy for someone who birthed you, raised you, fed you, taught you right from wrong and only wants the best for you?
I mean to be honest with just shopping in general, I prefer the ease of being able to shop online for clothes, for shoes, really for anything. So for me, shopping online not only offers convenience (because lets face it, its not like we have time to head out and physically try on x amount of dresses or shoes, I mean on the weekends I tend to prefer hanging out with friends or family then the tedious task of shopping where you might not even find anything you like – after all time is money) but also adds ease of access and enables me to choose a gift without ever needing to waste time picking and choosing or consulting with my siblings on the right gift. I barely have time to go out and pick up the latest Harpers Bazaar (but I guess that’s why we have subscriptions for our favourite fashion magazines). That said being able to choose the perfect gift for that special someone whether it be your mother or your best friend and having them genuinely in love with their gift is one of the best feelings ever.

(I’m going to try and make my mother a date pudding with butterscotch sauce. Ambitious, I know. Eeek!)

My tips for finding the perfect gift:
– Evaluate what the giftee (person you are giving the gift to) already has or doesn’t have.
– Think about practicality. Will they use this particular gift? Do they already have one?
– Memento vs Usability: are you buying a gift that is more ornamental or for practical uses?
– Budget and price points: set yourself a budget and browse both online and in store for the best price.
– There’s nothing more awesome then making something yourself: bake a cake, make some jewellery or even if its a handmade card! Nothing says I love you then adding a personal touch to your gift.

But you know what is even better than buying a gift (which in itself is such a tedious process, don’t you agree?) how about winning a prize for your mother dearest?

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