Hakone Travel Diary

Hakone Travel Diary

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Hakone isn’t a big town nor is it perhaps that well known on a typical tourist itinerary however this is slowly changing.  The town itself is established among the mountainside and slopes with endless forest trees and greenery and if you’re lucky (and it’s a clear day) you can see Mount Fujiyama (Mt Fuji) from a number of locations including some observatories and in particularly from Lake Ashi.  Sadly when I went it was overcast so I missed out on seeing the elusive mountain.  Hakone is a great place to unwind, relax and really embrace nature – there are great trail walks, lakes and some seriously fresh sushi, sashimi, shabu shabu options as well as a delicacy called 黒玉子 kuro-tamago – a black looking egg cooked in local hot springs.

I definitely encourage you to visit Hakone if not for some relaxation and to get away from city life.  Next blog post is from Tokyo!!