Goodbye 2010: Hello 2011

Goodbye 2010: Hello 2011

2010 for me has been a roller coaster ride; a bunch of highs and lows mixed into one insane year. I’ve nearly finished my course at university, gained so much more experience as a blogger as well as a stylist, made a bunch of new friends and can’t wait to take on 2011.

Highlights of 2010:

  • Having the opportunity to hang out and meet with Susie Bubble, Phil Oh of Streetpeeper, Yvan Rodic. They are all so nice and lovely!!
  • Working at Tangent Magazine alongside talented duo Heather Cairns and Emmanuel Giraud (and gaining valuable experience) and assisting on Tangent Mag Issue 4: UNLIMITED
    They have become my friends as well as my mentors. I would love to work with them one day (take note 2011 this could be the year!)
  • Building my styling career. Have a look at my portfolio
  • Meeting amazing Australian designers throughout the year and getting to preview their designs before everyone else, there’s been too many to mention
  • Attending the Monster Ball in March 2010, seeing Lady Gaga. I managed to get some really good photos as I stealthily snuck in my dslr!  I am honoured that she was the first concert that I attended. It was such an emotional night ♥ ♥
  • Getting to hang out with five amazing other bloggers for the preview of the Stella McCartney for Target range (and meeting Jenny Kee!)
  • Meeting David Lachapelle when he came down to Sydney and also getting my photo taken by him!!
  • Knowing that one of my posts caused ripples in the Sydney fashion world, all hush hush but all the same there was talk. Yes it was this one.
  • Some materialistic highs: new Chloe python Paraty, more recently Chanel ring & tee (never thought this would happen in my life)

I probably forgot a few things but so far these are my favourite bits of 2010! Hope you all have an amazing new year! 2011 is the year to act, so go forth and believe.