Art I like. Bei Badgirl

Art I like. Bei Badgirl

If you haven’t heard of Bei Badgirl then you’ve been living under a rock. Okay so maybe I am biased (you see Bei Badgirl is my cousin. For real). Nonetheless she a talented artist who has been making amazing art for a few years now (see below for past and present works) and in less than a month Bei will be jetting off to Los Angeles for a exhibition called Sweet Streets, an exhibition of artworks inspired by Japanese street fashion. I’m so thrilled for her, she’s come so far in the last couple of years. If you’re in Sydney check out exhibition currently at Urban Uprising Gallery at 314 Crown Street, Darlinghurst which is on now.

Bei’s main subject is glittery glam bombshell misfits. She credits hello
kitty, big bows, cake, and “a love/hate relationship” with the art of fafi
among her inspirations. Inspired by all that glitters, her ultra-girly work explores the notions of sex and excess, obsession, indulgence and the concept of falling in love with imaginary things. Blending her daily routines and sugar-sweet addictions, her work is an overflow of all that is criminally dear to her.

“Fall in love with imaginary things” by visiting
bei’s artworks online at twitter, facebook, and myspace.


4616410297_429588a99f_o Tumblr_l6kw1o6HlR1qbst0uo1_r2_500 Tumblr_l6sryy0aI21qavlhoo1_500

Bei Badgirl is inspired by Fafi and Junko Mizuno (above)



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